Therapy with Me

I might be the right therapist for you if…

  • You never feel at ease in your body.
  • You want closer relationships yet it feels easier to be alone.
  • No matter what you accomplish you never feel like you’re good enough.
  • Your needs for control and order are hijacking your ability to slow down and rest.
  • You can’t imagine life without a critical voice in your head.

Therapy with me isn’t about fixing you.

Our brains change through new experiences.  In therapy, together we’ll use conscious, compassionate attention to intentionally shift how past experiences are held in memory as we add new learning. I help you do this by:


Encouraging you to listen to your symptoms rather than fight and judge them.


Offering curiosity to the ways you learned to protect yourself and, if necessary, updating protective parts of you so they can learn that it’s possible to let go of behaviors that no longer serve you.


Engaging in treatments that help parts of you that are stuck in the past move through pain and into present-time healing.


Developing new ways of being in relationship with yourself and others.

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